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With the main intention to promote the wealth of Indonesian contents globally, on 23 July 2013 IKAPI – Indonesian Publishers Association – established a literary agency under the name of Borobudur Agency. We at Borobudur Agency act to represent Indonesian publishers and authors for children’s and young adult books; picture books; comic books; fiction: novels, literary works; non-fiction: cookbooks, fashion (especially Muslim wear for women), social studies, Indonesian arts and culture, as well as interactive digital textbooks and software. We facilitate members of IKAPI, book publishers who assign the agency to promote their rights for overseas licensing, and accordingly promote the works of Indonesian authors for international readership. On the other hand we also facilitate members of IKAPI to acquire translation rights. 


IKAPI – Indonesian Publishers Association

The publishing industry in Indonesia is older than the nation itself. The publishing industry had been already up and running before independence was declared. The first indigenous publishers (bumi putera) were small scale and had a limited range of books. Even though these earlier publishers were small, they were scattered all over the giant Indonesian archipelago from Sumatra to Ambon. Most of their early publications were either articles from prominent local figures or educational books with simple packaging. 

With the proclamation of independence, the publishing industry was given a new lease of life. The national publishers established an association to consolidate their interests. The main reason was to foster national unity and push the government as well as to contribute to the development of the nation through the books they published. IKAPI (Ikatan Penerbit Indonesia) was then and remains the name of the association.

The three founders of IKAPI were Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, M. Yusuf Ahmad and A. Notosoetardjo. IKAPI has been based on the Pancasila (The Five Principles of Indonesia), cooperation and family values. In the beginning IKAPI had only 14 members. It was run without office, money or an operation licence. Five years later due to the hard work of the early pioneers this number had raised to 46, and ten years later consisted of 152 different publishers. With this amazing achievement, IKAPI nowadays has an office on Jalan Kalipasir 32, Central Jakarta 10330, with more than 800 members from all over Indonesia. They are mostly operating in Java Island (more than 70%). Members who are in various provinces associate in the regions and representatives of IKAPI, such as IKAPI of Jakarta region, IKAPI of Central Java region, IKAPI of West Java region, IKAPI of North Sumatra region and IKAPI of West Kalimantan representative. In total, there are 15 regions and representatives under IKAPI’s umbrella. To promote IKAPI’s mission and vision, which are to expand reading opportunities and increase reading culture, to develop educational books, to disseminate Indonesian literature, and to protect authors and develop the publishing industry, each region of IKAPI creates and develops book fairs. They are such as Indonesia Book Fair, Islamic Book Fair, Bandung Book Fair, Solo Book Fair and Jakarta Book Fair.


IKAPI Building
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Jakarta 10330, Indonesia



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